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One of the advantages to teaming up with West Techs for Building Upgrades/ Retrofit is our experience.

Unlike the typical mechanical contractor, West Techs is a Highly Technical company. We are not loyal to a manufacturer, brand, or even an engineering firm. Our loyalty is to YOU, our customer. We will help evaluate your priorities, whether it be efficiency, reliability, environmental or capital expenditure cost. We will then help select the right machine for the job!  Our years of highly specialized chiller plant service, has taught us a thing or two about poor equipment selection. With a water cooled chiller having a 30 year life expectancy, poor chiller selection will be a long term problem. Our knowledge of the latest technology, pros vs cons of all the different types of chillers, will eliminate you getting SOLD a brand. We will also be there after it’s installed to continue providing you with the best customer service. We built this company on that one thing, Customer Service. We won’t sell you what we wont service!

West Techs has extensive experience in keeping your plant or building operational during plant upgrades. We have a fleet of rental chillers, pumps and cooling towers that gives us the ability to keep you cooling needs met and the flexibility to “make it happen”.

Whether the project is a large chiller plant retrofit, or replacing small rooftop units, West Techs has experience and capabilities to meet and exceed your needs.

West Techs provides start-to-finish solutions that add value to your building by:

  • • Quick to mobilize in emergency situations
  • • Project Management
  • • Experienced retrofit / installation technicians
  • • Maximize efficiency and cost savings
  • • Project financing
  • • HVAC equipment energy comparison modeling
  •  .Conceptual design and actual design