About Us

West Techs Chill Water Specialist was formed in 2006 with a focus on highly specialized centrifugal chiller service work. Our success is due to primary focus on customer service.

Since inception, the company has evolved into a much more diverse company. We service all brands of Chillers, Boilers, Cooling Towers, Pumps, and all types of commercial/ industrial HVAC equipment.

We have a large fleet of portable Rental Chillers and Cooling Towers available 24hrs a day 7 days a week for nationwide delivery. We also have access to Rental Generators and Boilers.

In 2013 West Techs purchased a local mechanical contracting business with a complete sheet metal fabrication shop. This purchase enabled us to move into the retrofit new construction business.

We take pride in the fact that with many years of experience, knowledge and continued training on of all types of Chillers and Chill Water Systems, West Techs is a great resource for chiller plant retrofit. It is clear that some chillers and brands of chillers are better suited for different applications, systems and customer needs. Buying a chiller is a long term commitment of 20 to 30 years typically. We help our clients by offering all brands and types of chillers with consideration given to full load and part load efficiency, reliability, life cycle cost, upfront cost and serviceability. West Techs removes the smoke and mirror sales pitches by the Manufactures to push their brand and helps the customer  select the chiller that is the right choice for the customer and application.

We are a proud member of the Chiller Systems Group. This is a worldwide group of over 50 chiller service companies committed to sharing technical experience and knowledge and working with the Manufacturers to get the specialized training needed in today’s marketplace. CSG has also developed in the field energy efficient VFD retrofits packages and non OEM control panels for existing chillers. This gives the power back to the customer in the situations where the Manufactures are forcing control panel retrofits with strong arm pricing!